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Stephen & Kat are Hitched!

The past few months have brought some crazy changes to my life.  I’m so grateful I still have the chance and honor to capture these precious days with photos!  This venue holds a special place in my heart from my long time love of horses.  I was so excited when I pulled up to see the rustic chapel, vintage farm items and especially the horse barn!

It was a great day! Everyone seemed at ease and the love everyone has for this couple was clear!

Enjoy a little glimpse at their story from the groom’s point of view:

Kat and I met when she came down to Texas for a week to attend a mutual friend’s wedding. She had met a bunch of Aggies at Colorado LT and came down to attend the wedding and visit the friends she had made.  It turned out we had a lot of the same friends, so we got to know each other a little bit. She was living in Ohio and I was in Texas, but I found out that spring that she had decided to move to Texas for reasons entirely unrelated to me (we hadn’t talked at all since she’d visited). After she arrived in Texas in August, we soon became good friends. We ended up being in the same homegroup and partners in an English Conversation Class group. We pretty quickly realized we both had hearts for international students, and our friendship began to deepen. 
I was romantically interested in Kat almost the moment she arrived in Texas. She was not interested in me. Thankfully, she was oblivious to my interest in her, which made hanging out with her a lot easier. It took a little bit of “chasing”, but eventually she caught on. We started dating on February 21, 2015.  For our first date, we got pizza at Mr. G’s and went to an acapella concert (which was pretty cool).
That next June, we made the leap of driving two days to visit her family in Ohio. It was my first time meeting any of them, and the experience of spending four days in the car together brought us a lot closer. Kat’s family instantly loved me. Things continued to progress.  That fall we started to seriously discuss the possibility of marriage, and over Christmas I started shopping for a ring. We were engaged on February 6. Engagement was a blur, and before we knew it it was July 23 and time to get married!
We’re not really sure what the future holds, but we’re excited to see what God has in store for us!

Thank you for letting me capture your special day, I know the future holds GREAT things for you all!

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Stephen & Kat Engaged!

I always love getting to know new couples and seeing them glowing in light of an engagement, planning for a wedding. I’ve known Stephen and Kat from afar, but it was a special blessing getting to know them more during this session. They will be unified in marriage next month, and I can’t wait to share more of their story and capture their beautiful day!

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Muenich Family Love

This post brings great joy to my heart! After MANY long years of praying and waiting for daughters from Africa, our friends were able to bring their sweet girls home from Uganda!

These brothers and sisters just look like they belong together! As adoption is the closest thing to my heart, this is a very special post to be sharing and celebrating in the joy of adoption with this family!

Enjoy the special bonus photo at the end of what it “really” looks like to photograph 4 children under 5 years of age!

Because, children belong in families.

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Growing Bare Family

I love getting to capture growing families! It always brings me great joy to meet their new additions and photograph the adorable interactions between new siblings!  These new sisters are exceptionally cute! You can see how much they look alike and how much the oldest loves her baby sister.

It’s also fun getting introduced to new parks in town while seeing old friends! Enjoy this shoot of the Bare family!

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Alexander Family Spring 2016

I love taking photos for my closest friends.  Seeing their children grow and documenting the changes in relationship between them brings me such joy.  These three kids are so sweet to one another, they love playing together and our shoot was full of laughs at their shenanigans.


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