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Distance makes the heart grow fonder…

Better late than never, right?! I wish I had the chance to share these images of my precious children a lot sooner, butView full post »

Why life is worth living

This particular post was therapeutic for my soul.  Since returning from Nigeria 2 weeks ago, life has been full ofView full post »

Living Hope

Although I’ve been to Nigeria 13 times now, I could never be tired of seeing these beautiful faces, their heartsView full post »

Celebration in Egbe

Our trip to Nigeria last week was full of exciting times, but the opening of the Egbe Hospital’s new OutpatientView full post »

Graduation Day!

Having a little vacation finally gave me enough time to edit all the photos from the big graduation day in Nigeria!  View full post »

In loving memory…

August 1, 2013 will forever mark a day where a piece of my heart went to heaven. It was early in the morning US timeView full post »

Endless Reasons

The past 2 days I’ve had endless reasons to be thankful.  Yesterday, we had some fun going around town visitingView full post »

Simple Things

Whenever I come to Nigeria I always reflect about the simple things of life.  In our world overrun by media, gadgets,View full post »

Schoolhouses rock!

Education here is highly valued by the children, because they know that it is not an opportunity that all children inView full post »

For the least of these…

Our team has had a very full week this last week!  I feel like the main thing God has been teaching me is about howView full post »


One of my best friends lent me the book Little Princes by Conor Grennan, which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading whileView full post »

A life honored

I will forever be grateful for the time I spent getting to know my husband’s father.  Despite living on oppositeView full post »

The most profound joy

Despite this being my eleventh trip to Nigeria, I am newly amazed by the joy the people and children here can bring toView full post »

The Faces of Promise

“He will never amount to anything.”  These are the words that rang in my ear as an 12 year old, whisperingView full post »

The Faces of Victory

In my almost 5 years of coming to Egbe, I have never been to a futbol (soccer) match between our HELP kids and people inView full post »